10 Famous Adult Film Stars who left the Industry.

Respect, Fame, Money & Value.

Respect is the only thing in this whole world that one can’t earn through money. Either you have to work hard for it or you have to do something more valuable for the society you are known for. We all enjoy watching porn , we can’t hide it, But did u ever think of why these adult film stars do this business?

Simple Answer is: Everyone has their own problems and to get rid of them, mind says do what you see after you, So sometimes we tend to do things that we have never even imagined to do .But you also have to remember that LIFE is a very beautiful thing you can’t describe it, you only can experience it, and do remember it gives a second chance . So,

Here We will see some Adult Film Stars(Female) who left the industry to do something good for their career, apart from earning a good amount of money they are gaining respect as well.
NOTE : Year in the heading denotes the duration of their work experience in Adult Industry

1 Sunny Leone (2001-2011).

Sunny leone is a Bollywood Star now

Real name: Karenjit Kaur Vohra
Sunny is currently working as an actress in the Hindi film industry and is a mother of 3 children. She is married to Daniel Weber and has faced criticism for her past everywhere but as i said respect is something that you have to fight for and you have to earn. As of now she has everything respect, love, huge fan following, fame, work everything.

2 Mia khalifa(2014-2015)

MIA KHALIFA in a happy mood

Real Name: Sarah Joe Chamoun
Mia Khalifa is enjoying her career as a sports commentator. She made headlines when one of her video went viral in which she was performing a sexual act with others wearing a Hijab which hurts some religious sentiments. She is also a popular webcam model and enjoying her new field of work. There is also a diss track targeting MIA KHALIFA. The song is sung by American hip hop group iLoveFriday. Here is the full song below.

3 Sasha Grey(2007-2009)

Beautiful Sasha Grey

Real name: Marina Ann Hantzis
The beautiful creature on earth, i think god must have taken some precious time to make this angel ,seriously. what do you guys think about her beauty? tell us in the comment section. Sasha is currently working as an Actress,writer director and also co-produces films and music videos. She is the author of The Juliette Society.

4 Jenna jameson (1993-2008)

the queen of porn: Jenna jameson

Real name: Jenna Marie Massoli
Jenna has left the industry on a remarkable note. The one who was once titled as “The queen of Porn” is a Businesswoman as of now. She has also written an autobiography titled How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale which tells about her past life, the trauma that she suffered, her introduction into the adult industry etc. In 2020 She spoke about child abuse and sex trafficking in the Adult industry by giving her support to shut down all X-rated Adult Videos Website

5 Jessie Rogers (2011- 2012)

Real name: Jessica Mendes
She belongs to Brazil and has joined the adult industry right after she turned 18 and left it after one year. As of now she has started to work as an actress.

6 Crissy Moran(2001-2006)

Beautiful Crissy Moran

Real name: Crissy Outlaw
Crissy has now become a devote christian public speaker and has left the adult industry.She now speaks about her experience in the Adult Industry and “The harm of it”.

7 Eva Angelina – 2019

Real name: Nicole Tyler
She is also enjoying her career. Eva is an educated lady she has done her graduation from the fire academy class no.57 in St.Petersburg ,Florida and is a proud real estate agent. She has now made a career in Fire Fighting.

8 Brittni De La Mora

owner of XXXchurch" in San Diego

Real name: Jenna Preley
As i told you that life gives you an another chance, so lets see how God has changed Brittni’s Life. She left the Adult Industry in 2012 and has married to Richard De La Mora, a pastor with whom she runs a Church named ” XXXchurch” in San Diego in which she preaches the dangers of pornography and now ministers to young adults.
My big goal now is just to let people know there is a God who loves them no matter what they’ve done,” she said.

9 Mary Carey

Mary Carey posing in the garden

Real name: Mary Ellen Cook
She left the industry in 2007. Carey came into the limelight when she got the international fame by winning the seat of California governor against Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003.

10 Tiffany Million 1992-1994

Tiffany Million looking nasty

Real name: Sandra Lee Schwab
She is a bounty Hunter and a private investigator for sky-Lane investigations. Tiffany is now planning a career as a radio political talk show host under the name “Margot Monday

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