Happy Birthday Sushant Singh Rajput: Remebering him on his 35th birth anniversary

A Birthday Post #SushantDay

This post is just a birthday post from me and the fans out there who are missing you.

Sushant I don’t speak too much with anyone about you, because somewhere I just feel that they don’t feel the way I feel about you. I miss you every single day since you have gone. I am still crying because it feels that you are still in the corner of the world, you are still watching everything but you don’t wanna come back here again. Your intelligence, your intellectual demeanor, your mind, you are seriously an angel who was sent by God. .Today is your birthday brother.. M happy about what you have achieved in your life,, you will always be remembered.. You had been in DCE(Delhi College of Engineering), I was in 11th class when my friend told me that there will have a Fest in DCE and he had passes to get in because his brother used to Study there, You know what, I was so excited to go there because you were the alumnus,. I have been following you, I read your quotes, I also have an interest in Astronomy even as a child I also wanted to become an astronaut, Sushant I can connect with you seriously through mind and heart as well.

There is no religion or caste bigger than humanity.
Love & Compassion makes us human.
Any other division is done for selfish gains.

When I heard the news that you have gone,,,seriously…..i… I just.. still can’t believe this.
I love you brother.
Millions of your fans are pouring their blessing for you. I wish you could see all this , i believe wherever you are you will be smiling.

Your last post on Instagram with your mother.
That post is filling up with lots of birthday wishes and it has crossed 9 lakh comments. See your fans miss you a lot and a lot.
Happy Birthday sush.
You will always be missed my brother..
I heard that sometimes people gone just to make change and i can reckon that change in the industry,
You were talented as hell.
You were smart as hell.
People are looking forward to those who truly are talented like you were.
Thanks for making this industry beautiful with your presence , You have given your mark in the industry and you will be missed forever Sushhhhhh……………
A very very Happy 35th Birthday My Brother.

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